Mirobsae: facial recognition

Technologies of facial recognition are very popular in systems that ensure the physical safety of citizens. For example, intelligence agencies in various countries use Facial Recognition tools at airports and other crowded areas to search for dangerous criminals, identify terrorists, identify potentially dangerous individuals, and prevent emergencies.

In business structures, information and physical security are inseparable. And it’s not just about preventing unauthorized access to the media of important commercial information, but also about observing basic business processes focused on protecting the company’s assets.


Engineers of the Mirobase company have developed their own unique face recognition technology from web cameras, which is based on an already trained neural network and artificial intelligence.

The main advantage is that the system does not need access to the Internet. All processes are carried out inside the corporate network, without connecting to third-party servers. This not only reduces the risks, but also allows you to use the complex inside a closed perimeter, in which there is no access to the global network.

Application’s spheres

The technology, similar to FaceID, integrated in Mirobase software, allows to find out retrospectively which employees used a laptop at a certain point during the working day, determine the PC user in real time or configure the login using a biometric parameter-face recognition.

In financial structures, such as banks or credit organizations, the complex allows to implement the “four eyes principle” qualitatively. The essence of the rule is that important documents related to the allocation of funds must be double-checked by different employees. However, the rule is not always followed: there are cases when the second “controller” approves the document without even looking at its contents. Such situations increase the corruption component, because, knowing about non-compliance with the principle, the fraudster can certify almost any document.
The Mirobase misuse or misappropriation of company assets.

Another sphere of application is the differentiation of access levels. Often, several employees work at the same computer, with different levels of access. Usernames and passwords have been compromised, because they can be transferred to a third party or simply written down on a piece of paper and forgotten on the table. Such carelessness allows insiders at the touch of a button to download commercial documentation, hiding behind the guise of one of their colleagues in the office.

Authentication of users without biometric control systems significantly increases the risk of leakage and makes it difficult to conduct investigations in the event of an information incident. After all, it can be very difficult to figure out who exactly used the PC in the absence of the rightful owner and downloaded the client database. Face recognition technology will allow to identify accurately the computer operator at a given time and find out what documents he was working with.

Together with voice DLP and interception of images from web cameras, the new Mirobase feature changes the approach to the enterprise security system. Now the complex controls not only the information perimeter within which data move, but also monitors external factors – the company’s employees and their actions in the physical environment.

By identifying personnel and linking their actions to changes in the digital world, the complex allows to instantly detect risky operations, identify the culprit, and stop corruption, fraud, and violations of security regulations.

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