Mythbusters in HR: how not to fire a “star”. Part 2

It is difficult to imagine a human resources management system without a human resources manager. Competent HR is not only a “nanny” for employees but also a loyal assistant to the head. The fate of personnel, line managers, and even entire departments often depends on his words and advice.

But what if the HR manager is wrong? What if HR went to the “dark side of the force” and turned into a gray cardinal: he began to lobby for the interests of some employees and “betray” others in favor of his personal desires?

In the previous article, we told which categories of employees HR managers want to get rid of and how to check the objectivity of such decisions. This material will complete the topic.

Liars and gossips

Liars and gossips are the quintessence of harm to the company. Firstly, distorting the facts and trying to avoid responsibility causes a significant blow to the efficiency of the business. And, secondly, the spread of false information destroys the normal working atmosphere in the team.

But, before you cut all the staff that fell into this category at one fell swoop, it is necessary to make sure that the unflattering characteristics are true.

The easiest way is to analyze employee communications. Distortion of information and distortion of facts is very easy to find by studying the correspondence of the staff.
Monitoring communication in popular messengers, such as Skype, will help to detect gossip. Usually, it is difficult for them to keep the “latest news” to themselves for a long time and they need to “share the secret” with the widest possible audience as soon as possible.

If the accusations are confirmed and the liar-gossip is found, it is worth going further and studying the circle of his contacts in the company. People who are prone to this behavior prefer to gather in small flocks, and the most effective solution for the head is to say goodbye to the entire group as a whole.

Bored loafers

Perhaps this is the simplest and, at the same time, the most complex group.

It is extremely easy to detect loafers. It is enough to monitor the activity of the staff and analyze how much of the time is spent on fulfilling work needs, and how much is spent on counterproductive activity.

But, if the company has not yet implemented a personnel control system and does not analyze the time management of employees, you should be ready for the fact that it is the accusations of laziness and inefficiency that will become an occasion that will help get rid of the unwanted.

Most often, such incidents occur during the “war for the chair”, of which HR also becomes a part due to a misunderstanding or as a result of collusion. There are two most common patterns of action.

The first is that an employee with higher motivation, professional knowledge and leadership qualities appears in the department. Naturally, sooner or later, he will become a threat to his immediate supervisor. To keep a warm chair, it is important for the head of the department to sabotage the work of a subordinate: to make him guilty of all failures and miscalculations. Such plan is very vulnerable, because the truth can come out. The support of the HR manager will strengthen the position: in addition to the reports of the conspiratorial head, the HR’s characteristics appear in the case. As a result, a TOP manager or business owner will receive a low assessment of the professional skills and personal qualities of the employee who is trying to survive. And this is at least two negative reviews against the words of one employee. The situation is likely to end with the dismissal of a promising specialist.

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