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Bullying is a threat to business. Part 2

Bullying – organized harassment of one or more employees, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of a pronounced leader. According to the latest research, there are no companies left in the modern world that are completely free from various forms of pressure. In the previous article, we talked about the general statistics of […]

Bullying is a threat to business. Part 1

The basis of an effective business is people. Well-coordinated work of the staff, a healthy atmosphere in the team, and high motivation of employees affect the efficiency of work. The result of the discord of any working micro-community is always a drop in sales. The reasons for deviations in behavior are usually found on the […]

Mythbusters in HR: how not to fire a “star”. Part 1

The HR manager is a key link in the work organization system. It is foolish to underestimate the importance of HR, because business owners and department managers listen to the opinion of the “HR specialist” before making a final decision about hiring an employee or firing him. But do not forget – HR managers are […]

Mirobsae: facial recognition

Technologies of facial recognition are very popular in systems that ensure the physical safety of citizens. For example, intelligence agencies in various countries use Facial Recognition tools at airports and other crowded areas to search for dangerous criminals, identify terrorists, identify potentially dangerous individuals, and prevent emergencies. In business structures, information and physical security are […]

How to protect intellectual property

Intellectual property is a key element of a successful business. It is the reliable security of information that determines the competitive advantages that ensure a presence in various markets. A trade secret is a much more valuable product than a company’s “physical” assets. And it does not matter in which form it is expressed: customer […]

Toxic employees are the threat for business

Business efficiency rests on the shoulders of employees. Especially their well-coordinated work determines the growth and development of the company. But there are two sides of the same coin: as soon a discord begins in the team, you have to forget about productivity. Even one disloyal employee with low motivation is capable to “wrap” brothers […]